2017 Earth Day "Throw Down"

Make this your best Fundraiser while helping your Community and the Environment.
The 2017 Earth Day Event begins Monday April 17, 2017 and goes through Friday April 22, 2017.

Participating Organizations

  • West Hill School
  • Pleasant Valley Elementary School
  • Cherry Brook Primary School
  • Emerson-Williams PTO
  • St. Brigid- St. Augustine School
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. School
  • East Hampton High School
  • Phillip R. Smith Elementary School
  • Southeast Elementary School
  • Farmington Girls Lacrosse
  • Habitat for Humanity CCSU
  • Bristol Eastern High School

How does it work?

The school can hold the event on one day or they can collect the clothing for the entire week. Our trucks will come to your location and pick up the items collected. Once the competition is completed we will tally up all the weights by school or organization. Each school or organization will receive a donation of $ .15/per pound for the clothing and shoes collected.

Everyone wins - Every school will receive money for the competition, the landfill has less textiles to process and the Charities of Hope Domestic Abuse and Homeless programs will benefit from the clothes collected.

The school or organization that collects the most will win an additional $ 150 prize.