About Us

Charities of Hope is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving back to the Connecticut community, non-profits, and to causes and charities that help those who need it most.

We operate a not-for-profit that transforms people’s donated clothing, shoes, home goods and used furniture donations into a monetary donation for a local charity or to provide job placement and training.


Our Mission

Charities of Hope, Incorporated is dedicated to honoring the blessings received in one’s life journey by “giving back” to local communities, non-profit and charitable organizations.


Our Purpose

The purpose of the charity is to provide monetary and donations of recycled goods to local and national organizations through the collection of clothing, shoes, books and home goods. To provide a positive environment that fosters growth in the community.

Charities of Hope, strives to help other non-profit organizations to survive and be able to provide much needed services in our local communities. The funds that we generate through our recycling efforts are used to execute the Charities of Hope mission; we have been a benefactor to donations and fund raising events from recycling efforts for local 'Project Graduation' events, Food for Friends, Local Food Pantries and Shelters, local Public Schools, local church and faith-based organizations.

Charities of Hope's Thrift Store partners with Connecticut based CT-Alive an organization that provides support to domestic violence survivors. We provide winter coats, boots, baby products to local shelters and educational items to local schools: uniforms, back packs, notebooks and school supplies. In addition we provide home goods to individuals in transition from being homeless and to those in emergency situations. We also provide delivery of Panera Bread products and other food products to over 50 shelters in Connecticut.

Our Founder

Charities of Hope was established by John H. Caruso in 2002.

I founded Charities of Hope as a way of helping those less fortunate than me – be it by illness, poverty, addiction, or any of the many ways life can affect anyone at anytime.”

John put in hours of work and his own money as a way of giving back for all the blessings he has received during his lifetime. 

John H. Caruso, Founder

John H. Caruso, Founder