Become a Partner

There is a need for improved education, charitable services and community development. Charities of Hope raises significant funds through our clothing collection programs that serve these needs.

We invite individuals, businesses and organizations to join our Partnership Program. Your company or organization can take an active roll in improving both the lives of people in need and your community. There are many ways you can do this.

Host a Used Clothing Drive

A used clothing drive is a great opportunity for your organization to raise funds with no out of pocket expense. Clothing drives can be held multiple times during the year and we take care of most of the work. For more information click here




Host a Charities of Hope Collection Bin

We take full responsibility for the collection bins. We do all the work to service the bins ourselves, and we will make sure that these collection bins do not inconvenience you and your business. We guarantee prompt removal of the bin if you are in any way dissatisfied with being a host for Charities of Hope collection bins.


Why Work With Us?

We use a unique business model to insure your charitable donations translate into a real monetary benefit for a variety of charities. Whether it is through grants, in-kind contributions, and adding a clothing drive through your organization, you can contribute to a specific project or purpose. Or we can use your donations to help continue our charitable donations.

Partner with Charities of Hope today!