Charities of Hope, is a self-funded non-profit located in Hartford, CT. The organization turns recycled goods into funds for the community. The organization supports the homeless by providing clothing and furniture year round to support local community organizations efforts. The Hope Boutique supports the survivors of domestic violence through material and monetary donation. In June 2010 the organization purchased an old manufacturing building to process recycled textiles. Since that time it has expanded to recycle furniture and home goods. The company employs many individuals that have gone through recovery of on type or another and works to help others attain job skills for a better future.

In 2014 Charities of Hope contracted with a local Roofing Contractor to fix the many leaks existing in the building. The contractor took off the existing gravel on the roof and pretended to repair a large section of the roof. The work came with a guarantee and we were provided with what seemed to be valid credentials. At the first rain storm one week after the contractor had pulled out, our roof had twice the amount of leaks as it did prior to the repair. We spent months trying to locate the roof contractor, he had disappeared. In the spring of 2015 another contractor donated tarp materials and the labor to cover the now almost bare roof area. However the tarp must be replaced by a repaired roof. During the 2015 year we have been able to repair some of the roof but need additional funds to correct the area under the tarp. The cost to repair the roof is $85,000.00.

Please share with your friends family, coworkers. Anything can help Charities of Hope. We greatly appreciate the help. Thank you.