Giving Back

Helping Connecticut Communities Since 2002


Giving Back to the Community

Charities of Hope is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving back to the Connecticut community. We are able to transform people’s donated clothing, shoes, home goods and used furniture donations into monetary donations that provide job placement and training.



Charities of Hope recently donated sleeping bags for the homeless in the City of Hartford.

Sonia + Officer Barrett

Sonia + Officer Barrett



Host a Clothing Drive

We provide the format, you hold the event to collect the clothing and shoes, and we'll pick them up and send you a check based on the weight. This is the easiest and most profitable fundraising program you can think of!

Find a Donation Bin

Do you have tons of clothing and shoes that you've been meaning to donate? Locate one of our clothing collection bins in your neighborhood and place your bags of donated items inside the's that easy!

Make a Donation

Your donation will make a difference in the life of someone else! If you're interested in helping Charities of Hope by making a donation, you can easily donate online, mail a check or use Amazon Smiles.


Shop Hope Boutique

Our store in Hartford, CT - is full of good condition donations. You can shop several departments and proceeds from the store are donated to CT Alive, helping survivors of domestic violence.

Create a Tax Receipt

Have you donated to Charities of Hope recently? You can easily fill out a tax receipt to keep track! All you need to do is choose a value for your items and record your total.

View Upcoming Events

We're always busy within the Connecticut Community - from clothing drives at your local school to our Annual Earth Day Throw Down...Charities of Hope is constantly helping.