Our Bins

Our 140 bins are located throughout Connecticut, in transfer stations, on school properties and even at your local convenience store.

Approximately 14 million pounds of textile waste is generated in North America each year, about 5% of all landfill production.

Please ensure that you check the labels on the bin to ensure that it is Charities of Hope before donating. Since your donation is tax deductible, we can provide you with a receipt.


Why Recycle?

By recycling your used clothing, shoes and textile products into our bins you are helping local Connecticut schools purchase desperately need supplies, provide funding for Project Graduation, provide support for local food donation programs and many more Connecticut based charity organizations.


Sponsor a Bin

If you would like to host a Charities Of Hope bin on your location you or you have any questions about hosting a bin, please contact John Caruso at (860) 982-3079.


Wondering how it works?


Step 1 - The Bins
Locate one of our  clothing collection bins in your neighborhood or at a local place of business. Place your bags of donated items inside the bin, but please do not leave items outside of the bins. Garbage cleanup is costly and it takes away from the funds used to help those in need.


Step 2 - The Collections
Our drivers regularly collect the contents in each and every bin to be brought to our warehouse. There, the clothing is packaged for re-sale before being shipped out by truck. We also use some of the clothing to be donated to projects and organizations that we support.


Step 3 - The Results
Charities of Hope has been a benefactor to donations and fund raising events for:

  • Local Projects
  • Graduation Events
  • Food for Friends
  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
  • Local Church/Faith-Based Organizations.

Are you holding a fundraiser? Let's work together! 

It's easy to give back to your community!

Please Note:
We cannot accept appliances, furniture or household goods at our bin locations. Please do not leave items outside our bins. If you do have gently used furniture and appliances in good condition you can call our office to arrange for a pick up.